simpson hall

Hall origins

Albert Simpson originally came from Lancashire but settled in Herefordshire over 100 years ago. He was High Sheriff of Radnorshire and a JP for both Hereford and Radnor.

He lived at Burghill Grange as well as in Eardisley. He was very generous to Burghill Village. In 1890 he gave the parish money to buy the land and build the Men’s Club. He also presented a new organ to the church in 1905 and land for a cricket field in Burghill.

Albert Simpson was concerned that the only recreation the local men had was to drink in pubs. By providing a Men’s Club which included a billiard table and an Upper Reading Room, there was now a place where men could go and relax without drinking alcohol. In 1974 the Reading Room became a properly managed constituted Village Hall and was renamed Simpson Hall. Over the years many improvements have been made to the hall by the parish but it was his original gift that allows us to hold so many events here today. Because he felt so strongly about the evils of alcohol, there was a covenant that prohibited any alcohol from being sold in the hall until as recently as 2016.


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