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The Simpson Hall Community Page is where you can find details of other events and activities in the Burghill and Tillington area taking place beyond the Hall.

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The Good Neighbour Scheme

We can help with any of the following:

  • Delivering a hot meal from Burghill Valley Golf Club to anyone in the village, on Monday to Friday
  • Trips around the village and to town
  • Running errands, such as fetching prescriptions, library books, shopping
  • Simple DIY jobs
  • Befriending, if you would like someone to talk to
  • Socialising at the Community Café or outings
  • Simple gardening in an emergency

Contact Joe Helme:  01432 760816 or

The Community Library and the Talk Hub (offering computer assistance) are run as part of the Good Neighbour Scheme. They both take place in the Hall and are run at the same time as the Community Café

Additionally, the Talk Hub will operate over the phone – call the Good Neighbour Scheme telephone number (01432 760816) and Joe or Joanna Helme will find the information for you.


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